Auto Interior Upholstery Services

Car upholstery undergoes wear and tear every time you use your vehicle and over time visible damage such as worn or cracked seating, tears, water damage, fading, burns, or stains can occur. A ragged car interior can not only make travel less comfortable, but also hurt the resale value of your vehicle.

At AM Auto Trimmers, we can perform a variety of car interior upholstery repairs and restorations that will have your car looking like new!

Seat and Cushion Repairs

Aged seating can crack or tear, allowing moisture to leak in which can damage the underlying upholstery and seat mechanism. At AM Auto Trimmers, we can:

Cracking, rips, tears, burns, stains – you name it, we can fix it!

Custom Seat Covers

When sprucing up your car interior, sometimes rather than completely reupholstering the seating, you can get away with having a seat cover installed.

Here at AM Auto Trimmers, we can provide custom seat covers, specifically tailored to fit your individual vehicle for a precise fit that will rival any manufacturers’ installation. We carry a variety of materials, each available in several colors and/or patterns:

Headliner Repair and Replacement

The car ceiling, or "headliner" is the material that covers interior of the car’s roof.

Common problems of headliners are sagging, or simple deterioration with age, and may require repair or restoration. There are two headliner designs, bow and board, and each have their own unique problems:

Bow – These are commonly seen on classic vehicles. As the ceiling material ages, it may get holes or the thread holding it together may deteriorate. Generally, it’s impractical to repair a bow headliner and completely replacing it is the way to go. Reproduction of original headliner materials are available on the market, so should a complete replacement be required, your car will still have as original an interior as possible.

Board – Common in cars up until the mid-1970s, bow headliners consist of sections of cloth or vinyl that have been sewn together and suspended from metal rods across the underside of the car roof. Common problems with the bow headliner are sun damage along the edges, and the drying and disintegration of the foam used in the headliner backing. The result is sagging, which not only looks shabby but can also block vision and cause danger while driving. While the headliner may sometimes be glued back in place, the usual remedy is to replace either the headliner material or the headliner board.

No matter what type of headliner your vehicle requires, AM Auto Trimmers can fix it with quick turn-around time. Have a sun roof? No problem!


It’s no surprise that with the wear and tear foot traffic brings, sometimes simply buying a floor mat won’t be enough and the carpeting in your car may eventually need to be replaced.

Using the finest OEM materials available, AM Auto Trimmers can easily install new molded carpet or vinyl flooring for your vehicle, as well as trunk liners & mats.