Auto Roofs and Tops Repair Services

Many cars produced from the 1960s to the 1980s have some sort of vinyl roof, and while they are no longer in production (except for limousines), many people still drive them today.

Unfortunately, vinyl isn’t as durable as metal and can be prone to sun damage, fading, becoming ragged, or cracking, which can lead to water seeping in and allowing rust to form and damage your roof.

If your vinyl top has deteriorated, while we may not be able to simply just repair it, we can provide a complete replacement. No matter what the make or year, we’ll be sure to restore your vehicle to its original beauty! We can even take care of any minor rust damage that may have developed.

There are three types of vinyl roof – we can repair or replace any of them!

Convertible Tops Repair and Replacement

Convertible tops can have a long lifetime provided that they’re given a proper installation and maintenance. AM Auto Trimmers can repair and install replacement convertible tops on both new and old cars, foreign and domestic, cloth or vinyl.

Convertible tops are susceptible to small cuts, fraying, sun damage, and normal wear and tear. Simple repairs can be performed to correct these and return your convertible top to a good-as-new condition, saving you the time and money of buying a completely new top. More serious conditions, such as large slashes or tears, can be fixed with patches, which will restore the top to working condition, but the damage and repairs will remain visible. Regardless the problem, we will do our best to restore both the look and function of your convertible top to the best possible condition.

If you feel that your top is beyond repair, we can also install a complete replacement convertible top. Using only high-quality materials and installing to manufacturer specifications, your replacement top will look and operate as good as any OEM. There is wide variety of choices for a replacement convertible top – we install on virtually all convertible models, including high-end models manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Corvette, Audi, and Ferrari.